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Every production has its joys and triumphs, and we use this page to celebrate just that.

Every new year, we post videos for the productions we did the previous year. We hope you enjoy our archive of memories.

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On November 15-17, 2019, PCM Theatre presented the next installment of its popular one-act play series, "Life Is Strange 4", with 7 new comedies from local writers and showcasing local talent, with topics...


"Throwing Muses 10th Anniversary Staged Reading" was a celebration of one of PCM Theatre's most popular productions to date. Featuring new cast members and old, this throwback to 2009 was full of sentiment and laughter.


On December 7 and 9 of 2019, PCM Theatre produced a holiday themed edition of its series "Life is Strange" at the Open Arts PAC in Bordentown, NJ. These stories were both comedies and dramas - a great way to start the holiday season!


On June 29, 30 and July 1, PCM Theatre debuted this original full length "dramedy" about how art can haunt the living.

November 10, 11 and 12 of 2017, PCM Theatre debuted its first, full length drama at Open Arts PAC.

July 14, 15 and 16 of 2017, PCM Theatre debuted the second installment of Life is Strange: an Evening of One Act Plays. Featuring eight one acts and entirely local cast and crew.

On March 11, 12 and 13, 2017 PCM Theatre premiered its original collection of art - music, dance, poetry, prose - from beloved Ireland.

In November of 2016, PCM Theatre premiered its original full length, political satire production. 

On May 21st, 2016, PCM Theatre Company celebrated their 10 year anniversary at Riverview Studios in Bordentown, NJ.

2015: PCM's first evening of one-acts featuring eight short plays from five local writers, with the artistic vision of six different directors. 

"If you want to see a great play and great performances, come to the show!" - Kathy Ruetsch Moran


An out-of-work computer programmer tries to plot a course for a new career, ease the mounting tension with his wife, remain a role model for his kids, survive the incessant advice from his best friend, and hang onto his sizable pop culture memorabilia collection all while conducting a garage sale - unfortunately, that's the best idea he's had since losing his job.

"Traveling back to the "good old days" and seeing what went on behind closed doors to make a favorite show come to life was a blast! The ad-libbing of the writers in the final episode was priceless! Well done, everyone!!" - Carol Nodes


In 1951, faced with the growing popularity of television, the writing staff for "Beyond the Pale", a radio soap opera, struggles to reinvent their show in ways that will placate the demanding station manager and sponsor, restore the faith of a dwindling audience, and satisfy their own personal creative drives - while trying to keep their sanity and not kill anyone important along the way.

"I wish my own high school reunions were as entertaining and enjoyable as this one was!  What a fun way to reminisce about those awkward days of our lives and how they'll always be a part of us." - Carole Nodes



Derek Hart reluctantly decides to attend his 25th high school reunion, an event that forces him to confront old feelings for Samantha, a long-time crush - feelings which begin to resurface during the evening.  In attendance and further complicating things are his wife, Christina, whose understanding wanes as the night moves on, and his best friend, Matt, a womanizer whose libidinous ways push Derek to confront matters in a unique and hilarious manner.

"Connie and Ken never cease to amaze and delight.  They've taken an American tradition and turned it into a masterpiece of hilarity and poignancy. There was a little of all of us in the Terhune family, and it made me "thankful" that these two can tap so well into our common experiences and turn them into a wonderful performance. What a fun way to anticipate this year's Thanksgiving dinner with the crazy and loving family we all have." - Aimee Johnston


Ally Terhune O'Neill is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time and has invited all her brothers and sisters to join her at their family home. Despite her best efforts, chaos reigns supreme when extra guests, a pair of unflappable nuns, a few family secrets, a boozy, outspoken aunt, and some questionable legalities challenge Ally's perception of what a perfect Thanksgiving dinner ought to be.

"Connie and Ken have successfully explored the world of love and displayed all the complexities that lie within. They struck a thoughtful chord that celebrated the word and all its brilliant facets. What an amusing and enjoyable afternoon!"  - Aimee Johnston


Even if you remember every birthday, anniversary and Valentine's Day for the rest of your life, you will always be reminded of the one you forgot! PCM Theatre proudly presents, "So, You Missed Valentine's Day?", an afternoon of comedic readings and romantic songs to honor the holiday for lovers. Featuring the writings of Erma Bombeck, Jean Kerr, Judith Viorst, among others, as well as popular numbers from the songbooks of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and various Broadway shows.

"Connie and Ken did it again!! THROWING MUSES had me laughing out loud and hoping it would never end. I really enjoyed watching the scenes come to life and change as K.C.'s ideas changed. The happy ending made it perfect. Kudos to all for a wonderful evening of fun and merriment."  - Carole Nodes


In "Throwing Muses", an acclaimed playwright, struggling with writer's block, accepts a job penning a new play about women - a subject he is ill-equipped to tackle in light of his recent breakup with a longtime love. As he works through his block - and his commitment issues - the scenes he is writing begin to take shape right there in his apartment.

"Watching Project Mom (Version 2.0) was like revisiting with an old cherished friend: remembering good times and catching up on what's new. We loved this updated version! The new dance scene was especially poignant and a nice addition. Kudos for helping us remember once again just how important and wonderful our mothers really are." - the Geigel family


A two-act comedy/drama set at a fictitious women's magazine and concerns several editors who have been charged with sifting through hundreds of submissions in a "mother-daughter" essay contest to find the best writing. A unique comedy/drama based on the actual writings of many mothers with ties to the New Jersey area.

"Your play portrayed perfectly the dedication, desperation, and passions of a school's teaching staff and students who are about to lose what is most important to them. I loved it! I found myself rooting for the characters and wishing for the best for them." - Aimee Johnston


What's in a name? For a spirited group of students at the fictitious St. Michael the Archangel High School, the name means everything. In "The Faculty Room", students resort to drastic but humorous measures to convince a group of their favorite teachers to stand by them in their fight to save the school name.



From simple beginnings often comes inspiration. The letters used as the foundation of this play are the actual writings of the women (and one man) who actually submitted works to us back in the Summer of 2003. Refreshing honesty and vivid memories play a large part in the success of "Project Mom".

"The story line seemed simple at first, but in reality it turned out to be complex. The weaving of the lives of the girls in the office into the character of the letters that they were reading created that complexity. All in all very entertaining!" - Pat and Hank Justus

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